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Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 (DONTNOD Studios 2019)

Life is Strange (Dontnod Entertainment 2015) is a narrative adventure in the interactive cinema genre, released in 5 parts over 10 months from January to October of 2015. For the French studio, DONTNOD Life is Strange was a runaway success. It earned high marks from critics and players (Metacritic 2020, Life is Strange PC) — 83 and 8.6, respectively, was ported to 7 different platforms, received 2 wins in the corresponding story nominations at The British Academy Game Awards (BAFTA 2016) and Develop Industry Excellence Awards (MCV Staff 2015).

The main mechanic in this game is rewinding time — the main character, Max Caulfield, receives the gift of time management after a classmate of the main character shoots at her childhood friend. Max saves her girlfriend by rewinding time a few seconds back. In the future, the player uses time rewind for various situations — from helping a classmate to correcting an unpleasent answer in a dialogue. This mechanic disappears in the continuation of the series — Life is Strange 2, which received less vivid user ratings (Metacritic 2020, Life is Strange 2 PC) — only 4.7 out of 10 based on 141 ratings, against the background of a fairly average score from critics — 70 out of 100. It would seem that the negative reaction of the gaming community could occur due to the deprivation of the familiar mechanics — rewind time, which gave the gameplay a certain dynamiс and special setting. However, in my opinion, the root of this situation lies in a completely different area of ​​social life, to which we will return later. …


Darya An.

Game Designer & Artist

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